Space at the Work Place

1 Dec

Many places that I have worked in the past have had a locker room. Many places have had employee mail boxes. Some places even provided me with a desk, and these spaces were mine. I mean they belonged to the company, but I had a real attachment to them. I felt like the space given to me at work was like my room in a house full of people angling to get ahead and by any means necessary. I felt like my office, desk, cubicle, locker, and/or mailbox were my space, and when someone entered my space they needed permission. I understand that managers have reasons to enter into their employee’s space, but when it happens employees feel violated.

My recommendation to managers is that when you feel that entering into what an employee feels like is their personal space, they should do so with the utmost respect. You never know the value that employees put on their space, so managers should consider steps they can take to ensure they respect their employees while taking care of the managerial duties.

One such step is to inform employees when you need to occupy their work space. Sometimes situations arise that dictate you not inform them of the fact that you are going into their space; when possible, employees need to be informed. Another tip is when you are looking for something in an employee’s space, find it and move on. Don’t snoop in an employee’s space that is a way to ruin a trusting relationship quickly!


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