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Christmas Motivation

20 Dec

The holidays are a great time to be a manager, employees give you gifts and you can really feel the holiday cheer. When it comes getting gifts around Christmas managers get gifts from not only from employees but from their vendors as well. Managers might get caught up in all of this gift getting and forget that employees like to get gifts too. I have talked about how giving employee’s gift cards can have a great effect on their moral, but giving your employees company branded merchandise can really hit the heart during the holiday season.

Giving your employees t-shirts, coffee mugs, coats and other merchandise can not only make your employees feel like they are appreciated but motivate them during the holiday season. Fostering a family spirit during the holiday seasons is taking advantage the season and using it for bringing your work force together.

Bringing your employees together during the holiday season is what managers should focus on, building the employee/employer relationship. That is what it is all about, managers taking steps to motivate and bring together their work force! At our company managers raffle off branded merchandise to the employees and we love it. We feel that worm holiday cheer when we are considered by our managers!


Compilation for Managers

12 Dec

I can foresee me changing themes with my blog soon, or taking on another blog that will be a little more fun to write so I wanted to put together a compilation for the managers that have followed me. I don’t intend to stop writing this blog, just plan to make the content more in-depth, thus I plan to have fewer postings. Before I change pace I wanted to put forth this list of great sites for managers that I have found helpful in establishing my personal brand. And don’t worry, I will get the link to my new blog out as soon as I figure out a way to tailor the subject line a little better.

Well here it is a list of sites that managers should keep up on. Included in this list is some blogs that have helped me evolve my managerial thinking. Please cruise through these sites and learn what you can. I hope they have helped you as much as they have helped me.

These are some of the sites that have changed how I think about management. I don’t want my followers to think that I have a clue as to how to manage people or resources, life is a learning process. I do however advocate that people try to be the best manager they can be, this means admitting that they can never achieve their best, again life is a learning process. Continuing to evolve in management is the key to being a great manager, adapt and overcome obstacles that lie in front of you will never fail.

Space at the Work Place

1 Dec

Many places that I have worked in the past have had a locker room. Many places have had employee mail boxes. Some places even provided me with a desk, and these spaces were mine. I mean they belonged to the company, but I had a real attachment to them. I felt like the space given to me at work was like my room in a house full of people angling to get ahead and by any means necessary. I felt like my office, desk, cubicle, locker, and/or mailbox were my space, and when someone entered my space they needed permission. I understand that managers have reasons to enter into their employee’s space, but when it happens employees feel violated.

My recommendation to managers is that when you feel that entering into what an employee feels like is their personal space, they should do so with the utmost respect. You never know the value that employees put on their space, so managers should consider steps they can take to ensure they respect their employees while taking care of the managerial duties.

One such step is to inform employees when you need to occupy their work space. Sometimes situations arise that dictate you not inform them of the fact that you are going into their space; when possible, employees need to be informed. Another tip is when you are looking for something in an employee’s space, find it and move on. Don’t snoop in an employee’s space that is a way to ruin a trusting relationship quickly!