Vacation: An Employee’s Perspective

28 Nov

Where I work at, vacation is given at the first of the year and if you don’t use it you lose it. I receive a generous amount of vacation days every year, and do my best to use every day I am given. I don’t like to end the year by giving unused days back to the company, even though I will be given more days at the beginning of the following year. I enjoy my time away from work and feel like I work to achieve it. I feel like when I am on vacation my company is taking care of my obligations, my bills, as a favor for my continued service to them. I feel like I am being given time away to tend to being me, hanging with my family and pursuing my passions.

The ability to do what I like with my time while getting paid is a gift that many employees don’t receive from their companies. I do understand that many companies don’t have the means to provide paid vacation for their employees, but I feel like when employees are no given sufficient time away from their jobs they are left to fill the voids in their lives with their work personalities or vice versa. This is dangerous in more than a few ways; it blurs the lines between who people are on the clock and how they define themselves through the exercise of their personal values in off time. I also believe that employees don’t fully develop their work persona’s, meaning that they will develop an amalgamation of what they feel is acceptable at home with what is acceptable at work, and project this hybrid persona in professional circumstances.

Crossing the lines between personality at work and personality at home can be a consequence of not allowing employees enough time off. Employees need time to embrace who they are and what they value outside of work. When they don’t get enough time off, they might forget who they are at work and let what is acceptable conduct only at home into the work space.


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