Tactics for Managing Sports and Work

26 Nov

ImageI have noticed that sports and work go hand-in-hand. What I mean is that sports are talked about at work more than anything else. Me and the other guys at work meet at the coffee pot first thing Monday morning and talk about the weekend football. Then we hit the water cooler in the afternoon and try to get each other to take crappy bets on upcoming games. Though I don’t take part in it, because it is stupid, the rest of the guys spend most of the day talking about their fantasy football. I can’t imagine the amount of time the guys I work with spend on their computers and cellphones screwing with their fantasy football. As you can imagine, sports and work are intertwined and they aren’t going their separate ways any time soon.

What is a manager to do when productivity slips due to this sports work relationship? Managers don’t have many options when it comes to limiting what their employees talk about, but they can drive productivity. What managers can do is offer tickets to popular sports games to employees that only care about sports. Taking advantage of what employee’s value in an effort to extract productivity from that sports fanatic slacker.

Managers need to take advantage of what employees enjoy and offer the incentives that employees desire to get what they need from their people. The ends will always justify the means, that is if the end is a damn productive employee. So when it comes to sports, let the guys talk. Don’t try to limit or drive what is talked about at the coffee pot, listen in and use it as a way to inspire employees to be more productive.


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