Hey Managers: Give a Turkey, Don’t be a Turkey!

24 Nov

I have said in my blog postings, time and time again, that trying to motivate your employees by throwing money at them does not really work. So throw turkeys! That’s right, hit them with a turkey. Just kidding, what I mean is the holidays are a time when management, acting together or individually, has that rare opportunity to let down the defenses. When the holidays are upon us, the best thing a manager can do is hit the floor and ask people what their plans are. Then when you have shown your employees that you are interested in them, hit them with a gift card for a turkey, a turkey card might only be $20 but it will make a big impression.

How many times have you been to the market, out to eat, hit the drive through, or were clothes shopping and when you were being rung up for your purchases remembered that you had an old gift card in your wallet/purse for $20. You say, “O-yea, I have this gift card too” then the cashier takes $20 off your bill and you feel a lot better about having to fork over your cash. That’s how people feel when they get a turkey gift card each year from their managers, they already know their grocery bill is going to be outrageous because of the turkey dinner they have to buy for an entire family, but management where they work has stepped in with a gift to soften the blow.

There is also a bit of psychology associated with the simple gift of a gift card around the holidays. Employees, over time, feel like the people they work with are like a family. They but heads a little, they disprove or approve of what eachother do from time to time, they support eachother in bad times, and they congradulate eachother in good times; all the while, knowing they are under the watchful eye and guidance of management. So when management says, “we have a turkey gift card for each of you this year” employees feel like they have had special thought given to them, and feel a little loved in their company. Like a child that gets a very special present for Christmas, they feel like they have been thought of and are important.

So during the holidays don’t act like a turkey, give a turkey and be a friend and reinforce that bond of family amongst your employees.


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