Give a man a check and you will pay his rent for the month, give a man an opportunity and you will help him build his dream!

21 Nov

I like to read studies about management and what motivates employees. I have noticed that what motivates employees, and is shown to do so time and time again, is not necessarily what managers do. I don’t understand, why do managers, which I am studying to become one, not implement programs and procedures that are proven to have the strongest results? I believe that the studies I am reading end up clouded in a managers mind once they get out of college, or once they have been in an environment long enough to get away with doing what they have always done.

I would like to talk about forward momentum and how it is the greatest motivation technique. When you sit down at your computer and Google “what motivates employees” you are guaranteed to see on the first page of results articles that say, “not money.” I agree, money does not motivate me. Let me explain something I AM BROKE AS A JOKE!!!! but money does not make me want to work harder, it only makes my life outside of work easier. I get bonuses, great pay, and tons of vacation, but what motivates me most is the thought, the dream that one day I will have an office with a corner view. I work harder for the dreams of moving up to one day have the opportunity to come to fruition.  

Like most workers, let me correct myself, in accordance with the American dream and the fundamental appeal of capitalism, I hope to attain my dream of reaching the top of the pay scale and having all of what I believe I deserve. I work hard for the opportunity to move ahead. I know that money will come to me; I know I can earn money, but I dream in corporate offices and business suits when it comes to work. I don’t need money, I need an opportunity to work for my dream.

I am sorry, I have taken this to a personal note. I did not want to do this, I like to remain objective, but I feel like I speak for the general worker when I say money isn’t everything. I mean I know that no one will tell their boss this, but I hope that the managers reading my blog, and the future managers in class with me as I write this posting will take my words to heart. Give a man a check and you will pay his rent for the month, give a man an opportunity and you will help him build his dream!


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