You Have to Be Real With People

18 Nov

While blogging about management tactics I feel like I have gone so deep into the process of management that I get away from fundamentals. What I mean is that there are some really simple ways to manage people. Looking to the extremes is great, I like to cover out of the box stuff like that, but some of the most effective management tactics are the ones right in front of your face. My previous blog posting mentioned one of the tips from How to be a Good Manager: 8 quick tips,, this blog is a great aggregation of quick tips on how to be a good manager. I want to expand on one more of these tips before I move on, and that is their #4 “Be Real with People.”

You have to be real with people, all people, and all the time. This means being yourself and letting people know who you are. Don’t have multiple personalities, don’t be one person at work and another at home because this could cause you to have some serious credibility questions down the line. People need to know that you are a regular person, meaning that you aren’t some psycho alcoholic who litters and drives like a nutcase, outside of work.

To take it a little deeper, you need to stay true to your fundamental values at work. Don’t compromise what you believe in, don’t back down to a superior when you wouldn’t to a subordinate, and be as ethical in your person as you are in your business practices. Stability, normalcy, and accountability are all respectable traits as a manager and will be rewarded with respect and admiration. The thing to remember is to be real to yourself, no matter what your position on the corporate ladder.


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