How to Keep Your Employees Healthy and Save Money

10 Nov

A new tactic for employee management has to do with the rising cost of keeping your employees healthy. This is the movement to offer wellness programs at work. Wellness programs, paid by the employer, often administered at the workplace that offers employees the ability to quit smoking, lose weight, get in shape, etcetera. These programs have a great impact on showing your employees that you care and the bottom line.

The rising price of health insurance is motivating employers to take action. Most employers pay over half the price of insurance for their employees, if they offer insurance, and they are always looking forward to a way to save. This is driving programs that help their employees get in shape, like building a gym at the work place and implementing stop smoking programs. These programs not only bring the overall price of offering health insurance down, but can create immediate discounts from the health insurance companies.

The impact that these programs have on employees is great too. Employees feel like their employer cares about their welfare. This can have a serious impact on the bottom line through fostering intrinsic motivation. Employees feel like working harder for an employer who is working hard for them.

Treating your employees well will help your bottom line, teaching THEM to treat THEMSELVES well will have an exponential effect. Employees need to know that you are looking out for their welfare, that way they can lookout for the welfare of the company. Most employees don’t understand how business is cyclical, in that working hard will produce more benefits for them, but they want a show of good faith up front.


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