Keep in Touch With Employees & Set an Example

9 Nov

The premise that managers and employees are to remain separate in the work place is a misconception that needs remedy. The fact that management, in most companies, is already segregated from their workforce by having an office is detrimental to establishing who they are and what they expect from their people. When managers post up in their offices and don’t get out to the production floor, or office floor, their employees lose touch with them on a personal level, as well as a professional level.

What can managers do to keep in touch with their employees? Well, first off they can have lunch with them on a regular basis. I do not mean take them out to lunch, but eat where most of your employees eat. If they are salary and they go to a nearby restaurant then eat there on a regular basis. If your employees are hourly and they eat in the break room, eat in the break room once and a while. Breaking bread with your subordinates is a great way to say, “I might be your boss, but I’m not just an ass hole in charge”.

 For managers that are separated from their employees by geographic location, have a Skype chat during meetings. Keep it informal and your employees will get to know you and what you expect from them. The idea is that leading by example is more powerful than directing by force, so if you want to show your employees how to act, SHOW your employees how to act. They will catch on the more you are around, the more you make your presence known, and the more you enforce desired behavior by displaying it.


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